Melancholy Baby Garter
Artist: Mr.Kitty
Song: 44 Days
Album: Eternity
Artist: Mr.Kitty
Song: 44 Days
Album: Eternity

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This is an entry I made for Helpful Bear Productions’ Kaiju Design contest.  (which is still ongoing, btw, if you want to enter!) Rather than design one full kaiju, I wanted to try playing around with bigger interlocking shapes and see if I could squeeze various creatures together. 

happy birthday to the dragon king

I’m still eating chocolate so it’s still easter okay shush
lmao this probably looks terrible my screen is weird right now I’d better check it on another pc at some point oops………

We got a new bby today QuQ his name is Milo He’s so small and ahhhh so fragile looking QuQ he’s two months Toki seems to like him so far so that’s great


My final piece for… “TECHNOTWONIC: A CANDY-COATED TECHNICOLOR FEVER DREAM” An art show Daniel Krall is heading up located in the Julian Allen Gallery @ MICA! Show opens March 28th, go check it out if your in the area!
I will have prints of the at Emerald City Comicon this weekend in Seattle. Exhibitors table 1404! Come say hi :)

/cries because not going to comic-con
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Pink is in motherfuckers
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